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KMV Enterprises has been in business since 1995 providing personalized Computer Consulting services to a variety of clientele both business and individuals. Over the years we have provided services that are personalized and meeting the needs of the respective clientele. Consultation services are tailered to the objectives established. KMV Enterprises provides Computer Repairs, Builds, Maintenance, Installations, Consultations on Purchases, basic Web Design, and hardware configuration, etc.. What best suits your needs. We also have a Domain name for sale, serious enquiries only at   . Route1 Products are a Featured Product line for The Nightwatcher’s Gallery Patented Remote Access Platform & Identity Management -- Follow the Links below or download a Sales Fact Sheet Contact or contact KMV Enterprises for further details (    ). By far the best Remote Access security available on the market.
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Top Ten Reasons for MobiKEY 1. Offers remote users exactly the same working experience that they have at their office 2. No capital investment required – use your existing PC or laptop 3. Data stays within your network’s perimeter and firewall 4. Integrates seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure 5. No network changes or reconfiguration required 6. No additional servers needed 7. Bandwidth efficient - 20 kbps average bandwidth usage per connected user 8. No software installation or administrator privileges required on the remote device 9. Hardware-based, multifactor authentication 10. No data cache or footprint left on remote PC or device.

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Route1 delivers industry-leading digital security and identity management solutions that help organizations meet the challenge of providing their people with remote access to enterprise networks while protecting digital resources and sensitive data. They enable secure remote access through The Power of MobiNET, their proprietary communications and service delivery platform. Based on FIPS- 140-2 cryptographic modules, MobiNET simplifies the process of meeting stringent regulatory requirements for privacy and security. It employs an identity- based access system that lets employees work from anywhere at any time - without compromising electronic security. MobiNET is at the core of Route1's DEFIMNET platform as well as our suite of devices and application software. In a world that questions how to achieve high-security remote access, Route1 has the answer.  
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Sales Sheet *** NEW MobiLink v1.0 *** NEW Mobikey v4.2 Follow the links above for specific information and or email via form below for details. You can also visit Route1 Inc. Website directly via Pane left hand side left below. Information Request Form  
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